Thursday, 21 February, 2019

Amazon Echo Dot, Echo Plus Smart Speakers First Look: What’s New

Amazon Echo Dot, Echo Plus Smart Speakers First Look: What’s New Amazon Echo Dot, Echo Plus Smart Speakers First Look: What’s New
Melissa Porter | 29 September, 2018, 18:28

'I'm ok, I've got a new welder to play with, ' he reassured the world. It recently unveiled a new series of Alexa-powered hardware from a new Echo Dot and Amazon Echo Show to an Alexa-powered plug and microwave.

Amazon has revealed that it will be launching the Amazon Echo Show second generation and Echo Input in India in early 2019. It will be available in three colours, black, grey and white starting at Rs 4,499. It feels a lot sleeker, is said to louder in terms of volume and offers a 3.5mm audio jack plus Bluetooth connectivity.

Amazon's Web Service (AWS) is likely to blame, although there haven't been too many reports of other systems using the service being affected by the outage. Some of the Echo devices including Echo Plus, Echo Dot, and Echo Sub are already up for pre-order in India, however, until now there was no information as to when the remaining Echo devices will be launched in the country. The Echo Sub is priced at Rs 12,999.

Almost a year after launching Prime Music in Canada along with Alexa and the Echo devices, Amazon is now rolling out its Music Unlimited service in the country. Arriving sometime next year in India, the Echo Show is an update to last year's model and now features a larger 10-inch display, improved dual-firing, side-by-side 2-inch speakers and real-time Dolby processing.

Of course, if you will get a Subwoofers with your Echo-speakers it will sound really good, therefore Amazon has made a pair with other Echo speakers.

Launched in November 2016, Google Home is a hands-free, always-on speaker that responds to voice commands known as "actions", and delivers information requested by the user through interaction with Google's voice service, Google Assistant.