Thursday, 21 February, 2019

Vikings' Everson Griffen reportedly in mental health facility

Vikings' Everson Griffen reportedly in mental health facility Vikings' Everson Griffen reportedly in mental health facility
Melissa Porter | 26 September, 2018, 10:10

Zimmer said the Vikings will rely on their support system in place but added ownership has approved Griffen working with outside experts if necessary.

"Our guys really care and love Everson", Zimmer said Tuesday. "We're gonna do everything possible we can, not only for Everson, but to help everybody on the team".

The Minnetrista Incident Report states there are no criminal charges forthcoming against Griffen since no crime was committed. Additionally, Klawiter told police that the organization was anxious that Griffen could hurt himself, as well as his wife and children, according to the report. "It's about him getting better", Zimmer said. He still showed up to the team's practice facility Saturday and was sent home.

Griffen was said to have broken into the home of a fellow player after he left the hotel. Pico called Griffen paranoid and prone to repeating himself. "Pico told an officer that ".at no time did Everson make any comments about wanting to hurt himself or others", the report says.

According to a police report obtained by Paul Walsh of The Star Tribune, Griffen's wife said he left home on September 16 after he awoke suddenly in the middle of the night, which is something he does at times when fighting "demons" in his head. A source confirmed to 5 EYEWITNESS NEWS that Griffen is the person identified in the report.

On the police report the individual's name was redacted, but Cronin reports it was indeed Griffen who was at the hotel with a firearm when police came to check on him. Griffen's wife later contacted police to inform them Griffen said he was at Vikings teammate Trae Waynes' home and was trying to break in.

Minnetrista Police then met with Griffen at his home. The driver freaked out and called Everson's wife.

The police incident report notes that no criminal charges are forthcoming.

Police responding to Griffen's home said they found Griffen's wife and children had left. "We know he's strong and he's going to push through it, and we just want him to know that we've got his back". "I told him as he knew, the Vikings also wanted a mental health evaluation done".

Everson was eventually transported to the hospital where he is still being treated.

As he was being transported by ambulance, however, paramedics reported that Griffen jumped out of the vehicle "because he was in fear that someone was going to shoot him". "They requested Griffen to lay down on the stretcher which he refused to do". He missed the game due to the arrest and medical evaluation. After interviewing the couple, police requested an ambulance and Griffen was taken to Fairview Southdale Hospital in Edina, where he was placed on a police-ordered health and welfare hold.