Thursday, 21 February, 2019

What Serena Williams told Naomi Osaka at peak of US Open madness

Kristopher Love | 14 September, 2018, 01:25

In sports, stuff happens and how an athlete copes with that stuff can determine whether he or she ends up with a championship.

Serena Williams was docked a game by Portuguese official Carlos Ramos for verbal abuse during her US Open final defeat against Naomi Osaka last week.

"It's tough, but with experience you understand how you can control your emotions and how you can stay focused on what the task at hand is and that's just winning basketball games and not letting anything get in the way of that", he told Omnisport.

Much of the criticism of Williams has centred on how her actions had spoiled a precious moment for Osaka, who was even moved to apologise for beating the home favourite to a NY crowd angrily booing Ramos. "People who are not tennis fans became aware of her because of that". She added that Ramos could have prevented the incident with clear communication.

Williams, who was under the impression the first violation had been rescinded, returned to Ramos to seek an apology for saying she had received coaching earlier. The number-one-world ranked athlete threw a veritable temper tantrum on the court Saturday, which began when she incurred a penalty and escalated as she was penalized further by umpire Carlos Ramos for her behaviour.

"When you're little you're taught not to look at if your opponent gets angry, you're told to just turn around and try to focus, so I tried to do that", Osaka said. "That is not right", she protested.

Williams was fined $17,000 after losing a point and a game for various code violations. Let's give everyone the credit where credit is due.

The rulings by Ramos and outcome of the match stirred controversy, with some backing Williams, believing she'd been unfairly ruled against, and others believing her behavior justified the violations.

After the match, Williams accused Ramos of having a double standard for women and men.

The Japanese player's breakthrough triumph in NY was overshadowed by an explosive row between her opponent Williams and umpire Carlos Ramos which resulted in the 23-times Grand Slam champion being docked a game and fined $17,000.

"It's an unhappy situation but "à la carte" refereeing doesn't exist. Don't worry about me". His remarks were reported by USA Today.

"Still, despite the threats, Ings did not think that the judges would rise up and boycott Williams" future matches. "They had everything to do with observing clear breaches of the grand slam code of conduct and then having the courage to call them without fear or favour". "They feel that no one has their back when they have to make unpopular calls".

To combat this, some umpires are weighing the idea of saying no every time they are asked to officiate a Williams match, unless she apologizes to Ramos.