Thursday, 24 January, 2019

Google is giving Inbox app the axe next year

Google is giving Inbox app the axe next year Google is giving Inbox app the axe next year
Sherri Watson | 13 September, 2018, 15:26

Inbox users have until the end of March next year to consider whether to transition to Gmail, or whether they want to look for an alternative.

According to a report by Fast Company, Google is giving its popular bundled email client service, Inbox the axe early next year.

Today (very predictably, we would argue) Gmail product manager Matthew Izatt announced via a blog post that Google is sunsetting the more experimental Inbox app and bringing over things the company has learned to the main Gmail app.

But in an overhaul to Gmail this year, Google implemented numerous innovative features that were introduced in Inbox. In the new experience, users can directly access actions on the emails within the Gmail inbox, snooze emails until a later time, send emails under a confidential mode, and more.

Back in 2014, the folks at Google responsible for Gmail did something unexpected: They introduced a new email app.

In a way, Inbox served as a testbed for future Gmail features.

Though Inbox featured some redundancy with Gmail, it's a shame to see it go. A playground to try out all sorts of new features by way of helping people gey their cluttered inboxes under control, from smart replies to automatically grouping emails of certain kinds together. It's a service many of us use every single day.

As the curtain falls, Google has prepared a guide for users transitioning from Inbox to Gmail, despite complaints from devoted Inbox users on Twitter. Fortunately, because Inbox requires a Gmail account to use, all the messages in their Inbox account are also still on Gmail.

I know quite a few Gmail users who switched to Inbox when it was released.