Sunday, 17 February, 2019

Gunmen attack intelligence service centre in Afghan capital Kabul

A blast that rocked western Kabul has claimed the lives of at least 25 people A blast that rocked western Kabul has claimed the lives of at least 25
Melinda Barton | 17 August, 2018, 13:58

Separately on Thursday, Islamic State also claimed responsibility for a suicide bombing in Kabul that tore through an educational center on Wednesday where teenagers had been studying for a university entrance examination.

The bomber, who had walked into a classroom in a one-room building at a Shiite educational center in the neighborhood of Dasht-e-Barchi, where he set off his explosives, was identified as "the martyrdom-seeking brother Abdul Raouf al-Khorasani".

Hossain recounted to The Associated Press how when he entered Fareba's classroom, he saw parts of human bodies all over student desks and benches. While the Taliban would love to take the city and hold it permanently, even if they can't, this kind of attack advances their political objectives which is especially important in the potential run-up to peace talks.

The Shia community in Afghanistan has been repeatedly targeted by Sunni Muslim extremists of the Islamic State group, which views the Shia practice of Islam as heretical.

Elsewhere in Afghanistan, four policemen were killed and four were seriously wounded late Wednesday when they tried to defuse a vehicle bomb they found in southern Kandahar province, according to Zia Durrani, provincial police spokesman.

The attack comes after a bloody week in Afghanistan.

The International Committee of the Red Cross said it was providing dressing packages and oral and intravenous medicine to treat the wounded, along with electricity generators and fresh water for about 18,000 people.

"The defence ministry confirmed the incident early on Wednesday, but gave no details".

Kabul police spokesman Hashmat Stanekzai said the attackers were firing rocket-propelled grenades and other weapons but it was unclear how many gunmen were involved.

In the southern province of Zabul, Taliban insurgents clashed with soldiers on Tuesday, forcing the government to send reinforcements from neighbouring provinces to retain control of two checkposts.

At least 35 Ghazni civilians have been killed, said Arif Noori, a spokesman for the provincial governor. That assault began last Friday.

The Taliban have seized several districts across the country in recent years and carry out near-daily attacks targeting Afghan security forces.

"It took Afghan forces - assisted by USA advisors - five days to repel the insurgents", NPR's Diaa Hadid reports. "Reliable information indicates that the Ghazni Public Hospital is overwhelmed by a continuous influx of injured government forces, Taliban fighters and civilians".

The Taliban have not claimed a major assault in Kabul for weeks.