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Perseid meteor shower to lit up Qatar sky Saturday

Once evening falls Sunday expect to see a meteor or a Once evening falls Sunday expect to see a meteor or a"shooting star" streaking across the sky every few minutes
Theresa Hayes | 11 August, 2018, 16:16

The meteors originate from the constellation of Perseus, which gives it its name. This particular meteor shower "normally produces, statistically, up to 60 meteors per hour", Henderson said. Meteor showers are a great opportunity for time-lapse videos and long-exposure photography, allowing your shots of the night sky to turn into van Gogh-like paintings of this starry spectacle.

One of the best-regarded meteor showers of the year peaks this weekend - The Perseid Meteor Shower. The meteor shower will peak this year on August 12th to get out and enjoy the view while you can. National Weather Service projections from the office in Louisville show tonight will be partly cloudy and less than ideal, but Saturday and Sunday night will be mostly clear.

This is why some stargazers have managed to snap images of stars shooting across the sky. Cooke said he's included to lean toward the second night, Sunday going into Monday for the peak viewing.

Every 133 years it makes an orbit around the sun, each time leaving behind a trail consisting of trillions of little pieces of debris. The meteor shower is formed from the debris from the Swift-Tuttle comet as the tiny debris enters the Earth's atmosphere. The friction created as they pass through causes the air around the meteor to heat up, resulting in a brief and bright streak of light.

The key to seeing a meteor is to take in as much sky as possible.

NASA scientists say the best time to see the meteor shower is any time after 10 p.m., up to a few hours before dawn.

The short answer is, if you find a dark spot away from the streetlights and get your eyes adjusted, weather permitting, you might be able to see some.

This is classified as an outburst rather than a meteor shower.

A number of planets will also be highly visible.