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Korea to offer $500,000 in aid for quake-hit Indonesia

The Gili islands is located just off the coast of Lombok The Gili islands is located just off the coast of Lombok
Melinda Barton | 11 August, 2018, 15:55

A devastating quake on Sunday killed hundreds, and a strong aftershock on Thursday caused panic among evacuees.

Speaking to The Washington Post by phone en route to a badly-damaged village, he said nearly 80 percent of the buildings and structures, including homes, schools and community facilities, have been destroyed in that area.

No further information was available at the time of writing.

Officials said the death toll had now risen to 319 and tens of thousands of people are homeless.

Several agencies have been releasing higher death toll figures than the 131 announced on Wednesday by the National Disaster Mitigation Agency, which has a coordinating role in disaster relief.

The fresh seismic event followed the 6.9 magnitude quake on Sunday that flattened homes and stranded thousands of people on Lombok's northern coast and the nearby Gili Islands.

More than 67,000 homes were damaged, 468 schools, six bridges and 10 health centres.

"People in the street began to panic and got out of their cars, they ran in different directions in the middle of traffic".

A series of earthquakes shook that Southeast Asian nation and some regions of Lombok, an island approximately 4,700 square kilometers, entire towns and villages were reduced to rubble.

"This number will continue increasing as rescue teams continue to find victims under collapsed buildings", the agency said in a statement.

President Jokowi has said he would leave for Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara (NTB), to visit the victims of the Lombok quake next week.

The numbers have increased as reports came in from areas isolated by the 6.9 magnitude quake, which struck off the waters of the northern part of Lombok island. He said the agency has sent 20 water trucks to five remote areas, including one village of about 1,200 households.

Thursday's quake could be felt on Bali, another popular Indonesian resort island west of Lombok.

Evacuees in some encampments say they are running out of food, while others are suffering psychological trauma after the powerful quake.

He says, "People are always saying they need water and tarps".

Indonesia is prone to earthquakes because it lies on the Ring of Fire - the line of frequent quakes and volcanic eruptions that circles virtually the entire Pacific rim.