Thursday, 21 February, 2019

Facebook launches AR games for Messenger app

Messenger's new augmented reality games.                  Facebook Messenger's new augmented reality games. Facebook
Sherri Watson | 10 August, 2018, 17:35

Facebook has announced it is rolling out augmented reality (AR) games for its Messenger's group video chat option.

It seems like Facebook are striving to go back to their roots as a social platform with the capacity to bring people together. Currently, the Facebook Messenger has 1.3 billion users so indeed there is tremendous potential here to simplify the bank transactions in quite an easy fashion if the app is able to integrate with the bank and offer numerous banking services as well. There's "Don't Smile" where the one who can hold a serious face the longest will win, and then there's "Asteroids Attack" where the one who can better navigate their spaceship will win.

The games are fairly rudimentary, but highlight how Facebook is continuing to push forward with augmented reality as it experiments with new formats and experiences for its users, experiences that could lead to future monetisation opportunities as Facebook's revenue growth slows and its profits shrink. Some of the first Snappables previewed by Snapchat include an Asteroids-style space shooter, a weightlifting one you play by straining your forehead, a bubble gum popping contest, an egg-catching competition, a kiss-blowing game, and a dance party.

The games will be launching in the latest version of Messenger and once you're updated it's easy to load them. A Facebook spokesperson explained to Techcrunch that the games were built using the AR Studio tool, and adds that there's no plans to open the tool to outside developers at this time.

Then you just need to find the person or group chat that you want to speak with and then start a video chat by selecting the video icon.

Video chatting has become integral to many messaging apps. The next expected games are "Beach Bump", where you pass an AR ball and the other is "Kitten Craze", a cat matching game. This feature allows up to six people to play the AR games at a time via video chat.