Monday, 20 August, 2018

Student includes 14-foot alligator in graduation photos

Senior takes graduation photos with one of her ‘best friends’ — a giant Texas gator | The Wichita Eagle Gator grad: Aggie takes graduation photos with 14-foot alligator
Melinda Barton | 09 August, 2018, 13:33

With graduation a highlight for many students, it makes sense to get fun and creative with graduation pictures.

If they want to stir a little controversy, they should pack heat.

A soon to be Texas A&M University graduate is giving "see you later alligator" a whole new meaning. In another, she pets the gator's snout.

They don't call him big for nothing.

This is big Tex the largest alligator we have at Gator Country measuring 13ft 8.5in.

Like many college seniors on the brink of graduation, Makenzie is looking for a job; she would love to work at the Fort Worth Zoo or Dallas Zoo.

She didn't elaborate what kind of "play" one engages in with a giant gator. "When I'm telling Tex to "come here" using a hand motion I will reward him, tickle his nose and toss food in his mouth".

Noland says her father is "iffy" on her chosen career field, but her mother encouraged her to apply for the internship. A very large puppy. "He's a real-life dinosaur".

Noland posted videos to her Facebook page on May 27th, saying that was the first time Tex let her feed him. These are some of my favorite pictures that I've taken since being here!

Those pictures hit the proverbial Gun Debate nerve, triggering a torrent of criticism and praise.

Makenzie Noland is graduating from Texas A&M University this weekend, with a degree in wildlife ecology.

"I would never do anything to risk my own life", she said. "I wouldn't be doing any of this stuff if I thought I was in danger".

Isn't that was Steve Irwin said? "Whenever we go into any other alligator's pond he's up there looking at us, making sure we're OK", Noland said.

If somebody straps on a rifle and poses next to an alligator, we'll have our answer.