Tuesday, 22 January, 2019

Blizzard has 'multiple Diablo projects in the works'

Multiple Diablo Projects Are in the Works According to This Dev Update- Diablo 3 Blizzard has 'multiple Diablo projects in the works'
Sherri Watson | 09 August, 2018, 21:33

A video featuring Blizzard's associate community manager Brandy Camel discussing Diablo has been released.

We've had numerous leaks, including job postings, in the past seemingly confirming a new Diablo game was now in production, but this is the first time we've had concrete proof directly from the developers themselves. But today Blizzard has announced it has "multiple Diablo projects in the works". Although no game-specific details were shared, Blizzard advises that we "may" see more later this year.

She went on to say some of the projects will take a bit longer than others.

The one-minute video also included a mention of Diablo III's current 14th "season" of content and quests, which Camel notes is the company's first stab at a "themed" season.

Back in June, we covered that Blizzard was hiring a dungeon artist for an unannounced Diablo game.

With multiple projects in the works and the Nintendo Switch riding high on its own success, could this mean we are finally getting a Hell-filled port to the hybrid console? "Diablo is, and always will be, part of Blizzard's identity, and we can't wait for the future".

BlizzCon 2018 runs from Friday, November 2 to Sunday, November 4 this year.