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Amazon Alexa Now Answers Old Questions

Alexa's new Amazon Alexa Now Answers Old Questions
Sherri Watson | 09 August, 2018, 21:17

Fewer still place an order via Alexa and then decide they have the stomach to do it again.

Amazon Alexa is undoubtedly one of the best voice-based digital assistant available in the market. To use the helper, just download SEAT Media Control with Amazon Alexa from the Android PlayStore, connect it to the auto, and voice service is ready for use.

It appears only a small number of consumers are using alexa to make purchases.

These figures are far lower than other third-party estimates, the Information wrote, such as one from the research firm in June that concluded 16 percent of smart speaker owners use them to shop at least once a month. Right now, those users who are shopping with Alexa mainly use it to stock up on home supplies. Thus drivers will have access to many features that are easily activated through simple voice commands, reports the with reference to Аutogeek.

As spotted by Voicebox, Amazon is rolling out a feature called Answer Update on Alexa devices over the next week. Factor in the inability of a smart speaker to actually let users see the product in question or quickly browse through reviews, or the mechanics of switching between shipping and payment options, and ordering via voice suddenly doesn't sound all that great when users' money is on the line. It does not matter whether you are managing your personal schedule, listen to music, navigate a route to the destination, reading the news or looking for nearest service center Seat.

Of those 2% who bought something, 90% of them didn't make any additional purchases through Alexa, according to the report.

As if the Amazon and Whole Foods marriage could get even cozier, the shopping behemoth just added a new feature to the mix: You can now use Alexa to compile your grocery list, and if you if you have Prime Now, use the speaker to place your order to get delivered within two hours. The introduction of Amazon Alexa helps us find this balance, - said the President Seat Luca de MEO. (Thus, the inclination towards home products, for example, phone charger, a new T.V., or a kitchen knife) is more, as the exact selection of the item doesn't matter much.