Wednesday, 20 February, 2019

Women's Month: Mothers are encouraged to breastfeed regardless of HIV status

The survey also revealed that not even 50% of the children under three years of age in the city are breastfed within an hour of their birth Women's Month: Mothers are encouraged to breastfeed regardless of HIV status
Melissa Porter | 07 August, 2018, 05:25

Another obstacle mothers face is discomfort during nursing. In Gurgaon, 60 per cent of children under age 6 months are exclusively breastfed while 60 per cent children under age 3 years are breastfed within one hour of birth, the NFHS data states. When the child turned six months, that number dropped to 18 percent.

The World Breastfeeding Week is observed to bring to the fore, the importance of breastfeeding and its benefits to mother and child.

Are you feeding breast milk to your infant?

Australia's new breastfeeding strategy covers all these points, and more. As per Lancet, a reputable medical journal, breastfeeding saves lives and improves health.

Isokpunwu stated that averagely, women breastfeed their babies for only 19 months while majority gave babies water alongside breast milk in the first six months of life. It also helps prepare children for a prosperous future. Breastfeeding lowers the baby's risk to allergies such as asthma.

Sayce said for a successful breastfeeding journey every new mom needs a plan which should include what to do in the first hours following birth, and who they can contact for support. Breastfeeding also protect the babies from adult on set of chronic diseases such as obesity and diabetes mellitus. Those who breastfed their child have a lower risk of developing breast or ovarian cancer as well as heart disease or osteoporosis. It also boosts the child's Intelligent Quotient (IQ) and lowers his or her tendency of developing into a violent adult. The HMOs are the third most abundant solid component in human milk after lactose and fat.

Yet, worldwide, there are still low levels of optimal breastfeeding. This brings to the fore the question of maternity leave: Should maternity leave be six months on national scale?

Anisur Rahman said the proportion of breastfeeding among children aged below six months has increased to 64 per cent in 2017, a sharp 23 per cent rise from 2008 when the ratio was 43.

"In 1990, no woman knew about exclusive breastfeeding". This is to enable the mother breastfeed the baby on demand whenever the baby wants to breastfeed.

Another important issue is how soon mothers are expected to breastfeed their babies. In order to promote early breastfeeding success and breastfeeding outcomes, the Michigan Breastfeeding Network has announced a statewide initiative to provide continuity of care for mothers and babies. "Mothers' milk has living antibodies that protect the baby from getting sick". It also contains growth factors which help the intes- tine to mature and reduce intolerance.

"But these are actually signs that the woman's body has adjusted to the baby's feeding requirement". This is usually about 8 times during the day and 4 times at night but there should be no limit this is just a guide.

World Health Organization and the United Nations Children's Fund (Unicef) confirm that breastfeeding contributes to reducing child mortality rates. Sustained breastfeeding support, education, and consistent, accurate information will help to meet these goals.

The Ekurhuleni metro has joined the world community to commemorate World Breastfeeding Week to promote health and sustainable development. It prevents hunger, malnutrition, and ensures food security for the child. However, the legislation came very late in Pakistan when "The Protection of Breast-Feeding and Child Nutrition Ordinance, 2002" (XCIII Of 2002) was passed on October 26, 2002, and Pakistan became one of the 42 countries with legislation to adopt most of the articles of the Code.