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In historic first, DOJ releases Carter Page FISA application

Carter Page Pavel GolovkinAP Justice Department Releases FISA Documents on Carter Page 21 Jul 2018
Melinda Barton | 22 July, 2018, 21:26

Sen. Marco Rubio is refuting President Trump's latest claims that his campaign was being "illegally" spied on following the FBI's release of heavily redacted documents detailing the surveillance of former Trump campaign aide Carter Page.

Former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page on Sunday denied he was an intelligence agent for Russian Federation after the Justice Department released a wiretap application that said he engaged in "clandestine intelligence activities" on behalf of the Kremlin.

The released documents include an October 2016 application to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court to wiretap Page as well as three 90-day renewal applications.

"The FBI believes that Page has been collaborating and conspiring with the Russian government", the October 2016 application to the court states.

"No Collusion, No Obstruction - but that doesn't matter because the 13 Angry Democrats, who are only after Republicans and totally protecting Democrats, want this Witch Hunt to drag out to the November Election", he added.

Rubio was referring to the so-called Steele Dossier, compiled by former British intelligence officer Christopher Steele, which alleged collusion between the Trump campaign and Russian Federation.

A spokesman for Special Counsel Robert Mueller, who is now leading the probe into Russia's interference in the 2016 election, declined to comment on the president's tweets. "I would say 90 percent of redactions are generally created to cover people's incompetence and they're not national security [concerns]".

"Witch Hunt Rigged, a Scam!"

The newly released surveillance applications were granted and renewed by several different judges sitting in the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court.

"Even more shocking than the civil rights abuses inherent in today's initial FISA abuse documents and its testament to @Comey & Co's very poor "legal" judgment is the complete ignorance it shows regarding Russia", Page tweeted following the release.

In the documents released Saturday, the Federal Bureau of Investigation cited a source which, it said, had a history of providing reliable information regardless of the source's reasons for conducting research into Trump's ties to Russian Federation. The FBI warrants note that Steele released his findings to U.S. news organizations over admonishment of the FBI, and as a result, the bureau ended its relationship with him.

"I've never been an agent of a foreign power by any stretch of the imagination", Page said on CNN's "State of the Union". The heavily redacted documents were made public after media organizations sued for their release. Rep. Adam Schiff, Calif., the ranking Democrat on the House intelligence committee, said he believes the documents "affirm that our nation faced a profound counterintelligence threat prior to the 2016 election". Carter Page was just the foot to surveil the Trump campaign.' ILLEGAL!' he wrote on Twitter. "This is many, many people over two administrations, four judges appointed by Republicans, over and over, believing that you were an agent of a foreign power".