Saturday, 18 August, 2018

Fiery stunt goes wrong on "America’s Got Talent"

Duo Transcend's act went horribly wrong on America's Got Talent Duo Transcend's act went horribly wrong on America's Got Talent
Stacy Diaz | 19 July, 2018, 20:45

America's Got Talent is full of exhilarating, daredevil-style stunts, which usually end with the audience being left in awe of how the acts managed to pull them off.

Judge Simon Cowell then told the couple they would be moving forward to the live rounds at the Dolby Theater in Hollywood, but not before noting, "I don't think there's ever been a singer on any of our competitions who's been note-perfect".

Tyce Nielsen and Mary Wolfe-Nielsen are a married couple who were performing a death-defying stunt while hanging from a flaming bar suspended over a fiery stage on the USA talent show when things went badly wrong.

On Tuesday's AGT, during the first night of the season's Judge Cuts round, acrobatic couple Mary and Tyce of Duo Transcend came out determined to wow the judges once again after their astounding performance in the audition round.

Mary later stands up, signalling that she was unharmed, before the couple asks the judges if they could attempt the stunt one more time - and were promptly refused. "And the fact that you're almost blind makes this incredible".

She got to her feet and waved to the audience to with a reassuring smile.

Concerned husband Tyce was lowered to the ground where he gave his wife a kiss of of condolence as the audience cheered. "It makes them human".

"No, it's fine!" yelled Mel B.

Judge Ken Jeong said the show wasn't called America's Got Perfection and praised the couple for their effort.

Mary and Tyce's act was meant to have the crowd on the edge of their seats, and it did, as Tyce, who's legally blind in one eye, repeatedly caught his wife as she twisted and tumbled high above the set. "It still doesn't make them not-amazing". He added, "The consequences on this are slightly worse than falling off key". "Only on America's Got Talent does that happen".