Monday, 21 January, 2019

Ryanair passengers brace for more flight cancellations

GROUNDED Just Irish flights will be cancelled as Irish pilots strike on July 12 GROUNDED Just Irish flights will be cancelled as Irish pilots strike on July 12 Ryanair
Nellie Chapman | 15 July, 2018, 20:17

Earlier last Tuesday, some of Ryanair's Ireland-based pilots voted to launch a one-day strike on Thursday, July 12th as they lost patience with their employer in talks over the improvement of their working conditions including pay, base transfer, annual leave and seniority issues.

Ryanair Holdings Plc grounded dozens of flights Thursday as pilots in its Irish home market walked out after failing to agree new contracts as part of a move toward unionization at the discount giant.

Ryanair has said a strike by Irish pilots achieved nothing.

The airline, which says its pilots have some of the best conditions in the low-priced sector, said it planned to cancel 30 of 290 flights from Ireland on Thursday.

Some one hundred directly employed Ryanair pilots based in Ireland launched a 24-hour strike on Thursday after the airline's management failed to meet their demands during Wednesday talks.

This comes as an ongoing feud between Ryanair staff and the budget airline intensifies.

The Irish budget carrier confirmed it had cancelled 30 flights between Ireland and the United Kingdom and these were focused on routes that would allow passengers to find alternative flights easily.

While the strike is the biggest Ryanair has had to face, the carrier said in a statement that the impact will be "limited", with all customers due to travel on affected services offered alternative flights, ferry bookings or a refund.

"For customers travelling to the United Kingdom, we will also be assisting them with alternative transport on comparable operators (both flights & ferries) where there is some limited space available".

"Ryanair expects a strike by 27% of Irish pilots to proceed tomorrow".

Worryingly for those who have booked holidays in the coming months, the airline has said it "cannot rule out further disruptions in July and August". Belgian, Portuguese and Spanish cabin crews are to strike on 25 and 26 July.