Saturday, 23 February, 2019

Ryanair cancels 1,100 flights in second month of strike turbulence

LEON NEAL GETTY "Ryanair is disappointed by this strike notice which is unnecessary" the airline said in a notice to customers on its website
Nellie Chapman | 14 July, 2018, 14:23

Just before Christmas strike action was avoided when the airline changed its long standing policy of not recognising unions, and invited them to enter into talks about issues within the company.

Pilots at Ryanair have voted in favour of industrial action, after slow progress on union negotiations.

But ATC action has become a regular headache for the industry in recent years, with 2017 said to be a record for strikes, with 41 days affected.

Ryanair customers could face further disruption after thousands of cabin crew published demands for improved pay and conditions.

Unless the airline reach a resolution with their full-time pilots before next Wednesday, the industrial action will go ahead.

The strike action is likely to have a knock-on effect across the UK & Europe as many Dublin based aircraft operate flights from other airports.

They said: "Our member pilots directly employed by Ryanair complain that there is no transparent system for the determination of important matters including voluntary/involuntary base transfer/allocation, command upgrade, allocation of annual leave and promotion".

Among the demands is abolition of Ryanair's requirement that cabin crew members must have a bank account in Ireland, despite working outside the Republic.

The cabin crews' union say pay, "draconian disciplinary procedures, unachievable sales targets, and staff having to pay for items that most decent employers provide" are among their complaints.

The decision to strike comes hours after the airline revealed air traffic control strikes left more than 210,000 passengers with cancelled flights in June.

Covering areas like pay, rostering, contracts and sickness, the eight-point charter includes some demands that would be taken for granted by many cabin crew at other airlines.

"We would also ask that Ryanair keep customers up to date with any planned cancellations as soon as possible to ease the uncertainty faced by intending travellers and allow for alternative holiday arrangements to be made".