Sunday, 09 December, 2018

Regional Change Coming To Sex Education Curriculum News Centre News

Regional Change Coming To Sex Education Curriculum News Centre News Regional Change Coming To Sex Education Curriculum News Centre News
Theresa Hayes | 14 July, 2018, 11:01

While critics of the sex-ed curriculum have applauded Premier Doug Ford for following through on his election campaign promise, many others have said the province's short-term solution - forcing schools to teach the previous curriculum which is now 20 years-old - ignores more recent developments like gay marriage and the Internet. The speech was vague about how it would pay for the enhancements to health care, but the government has promised to find efficiencies through a Commission of Inquiry and the audit of government books.

It's just a week after the new government cancelled the province's emissions cap and trade program.

The government also laid out its plan to expand the sale of beer and wine to convenience stores, grocery stores and big-box stores, and to roll back restrictions on police officers, calling the measures a show of respect for consumers and law enforcement, respectively.

The Ford government cancelled cap and trade as part of its commitment to cut gas prices by $0.10 a litre.

"We are ending the deadlocked strike at York University so students can get back to school".

Ford has already made good on two key promises this week.

Lisa Thompson, the education minister for Ontario, said students will be learning from the sex-ed curriculum in place before the Liberals switched it in 2015. He said the move would bring down electricity rates but struggled to explain how when asked repeatedly by reporters.

"The people of Ontario can't afford to wait and they won't have to wait", Smith said Tuesday.

The cap-and-trade program that funded EHVIP was nixed July 3, nearly as soon as premier Doug Ford took office, and while it wasn't clear then when the incentives would go away, says Automotive News Canada, a post on the EHVIP website July 11 explained the timeline of its cancellation.

"These oppressive taxes make life unaffordable for families and put thousands of Ontario jobs at risk", the Ford government says.

"He shouldn't be ending cap and trade", he said.

"Some numbers - 4,000 parents, 2,400 educators, 700 students, 170 organizations including CAMH over ten years went into writing this curriculum, so anyone saying there wasn't enough consultation is telling you nonsense", she said.

Earlier this week, Ford's new Progressive Conservative government said teachers will use the 1998 version of the sex-ed curriculum this fall as consultations are carried out for a new document.