Saturday, 23 February, 2019

Love Island: What is the real reason Samira Mighty quit?

Georgia and Jack's kiss on Love Island ITV2/3e Georgia and Jack's kiss on Love Island ITV2/3e
Stacy Diaz | 13 July, 2018, 16:25

On the roof terrace, Samira tells Ellie, Dani and Megan some news: "So my lovely attractive girls, you guys know that I've had a really tough couple of days here recently and I've been umming and ahhing about leaving".

Unable to cope with Frankie's absence, Samira chose to quit the show and leave the villa for good in hopes of reuniting and working things out with him.

It's then time for Alexandra to pick her next boy, and she chooses Laura's Jack, which doesn't go down well with her.

As he prepares for his date, Alex says: "I am so excited. It's actually a big lie its not fair I feel like break in in there myself tbh". "Bmt, I say we boycott #LoveIsIand until the release the footage of the kiss".

"And I'm not saying I'm in love with Frankie or we're going to get married tomorrow but I don't want to waste any time, I just want to see him and I know this is the right thing to do". But, I think it's the right thing to do, just follow my heart because I've never done that before...

Later on, after she arrives at the villa, Alexandra says in Beach Hut: "Alex is such a gentleman, he is so respectful, he is somebody that I can talk to, he is supportive and understanding and that's what I'm looking for".

"I'm obviously devastated to be leaving my best friends, but this is the flawless time".

The pair's romance seemed to go from naught to one hundred as they appeared to become loved up very quickly. I've found what I wanted to find and it was Frankie, so I'm going to go and get him. "This opportunity was wonderful and I take it with a full heart and full love".

"I love her, we got really close and I did feel for her with everything she went through with Josh but she is happy with Sam now". He is gorgeous and we did have a genuine connection. "Now I need to go for it head on, leave and go for Frankie".

Samira is going to "go and get" her man (Picture: ITV)'I'm a bit nervous but mostly excited.

"Feel to boycott love island until they show the islanders what happened with this kiss", another user wrote,"forever giving Georgia a free pass meanwhile Samira is struggling to catch a break... I wouldn't change anything about my time in the villa, I have no regrets".