Monday, 19 November, 2018

FIFA instructs broadcasters not to focus on 'hot women' at football games

Croatia fans at the World Cup FIFA instructs broadcasters not to focus on 'hot women' at football games
Kristopher Love | 13 July, 2018, 13:13

Federico Addiechi, who is the diversity chief at FIFA, has recently spoke about how they want to crackdown on cameramen zooming in on "hot" women to try and 'step up and tackle sexism in football, ' according to a report from The Independent.

According to FIFA diversity boss, Federico Addiechi, the step was necessary after many cases of sexism were reported during the ongoing football World Cup 2018 in Russian Federation.

The World Cup has been marred by an estimated 300 cases of sexism on the streets tarnishing an otherwise positive tournament, the head of an anti-discrimination group said on Tuesday.

Racism was predicted to be the main World Cup problem because of longstanding issues in Russian soccer and other European fan bases.

Pre-tournament concerns that Russian Federation 2018 would be tarnished by homophobia and racism have not materialised but sexism has been an issue.

Powar added there had been several cases of female reporters being grabbed or kissed whilst on air.

The organization said that every player from the four semi-finalist nations has been tested an average 4.41 times since January, with some of them facing eight doping control procedures.

Addiechi also said that the supreme governing body of football in the world may consider dealing with it more strictly in future.

How exactly you can police such a vague policy remains to be seen, but the news probably means we'll be seeing a lot more old fat men in our crowd reaction shots. In what can be called as objectification, young and attractive women have often found screen time, evoking responses from the broadcasters as well as fans.