Thursday, 20 September, 2018

Hamas Condemns Israel's Closure of Vital Gaza Commercial Border

Palestinian Hamas militants attend a military drill in preparation to any upcoming confrontation wit Hamas Condemns Israel's Closure of Vital Gaza Commercial Border
Melinda Barton | 12 July, 2018, 14:55

Israel is ramping up its crackdown on the Islamic terror group Hamas.

Israel said it was closing the Kerem Shalom crossing on Monday to everything except essential humanitarian supplies in response to the incendiary kites and balloons that have been flown from Gaza into Israel over the last few months.

This comes after Hamas launched flaming kites and balloons into Israel, and attacked the Israeli security personnel at the Gaza border fence.

He warned that the decision to prevent export and import through the commercial crossing on the border between the southeastern Gaza Strip and Israel will double the suffering of the people in Gaza.

Emad al-Efranji, the manager of Al-Quds TV in Palestine, said Israel wants to silence the media, as part of its campaign to hide its crimes against the Palestinian people.

Fresh Israeli sanctions on the blockaded Gaza Strip, including restrictions on the movement of goods, went into effect on Tuesday. "From fish and vegetables to clothing items and wood", he said.

Al-Quds (the Arabic word for Jerusalem) TV is based in Beirut, and has offices in the West Bank, Gaza and Israel.

"The flotilla will set out at 11 a.m. tomorrow carrying sick and injured Palestinians who have been unable to travel overseas [for medical treatment] as a result of the blockade", Bassam Manasra, a spokesman for Gaza's National Committee for Breaking the Siege, said at a Monday press conference in Gaza City.

The "Freedom Boat 2" is the second humanitarian flotilla to set out from blockaded Gaza since Palestinians first began holding regular rallies along the Gaza-Israel security fence on March 30.

Israel also said it was ending a seasonal expansion of the fishing zone off Gaza, returning it to six nautical miles instead of nine. "I am not detailing them", he told his parliamentary faction in broadcast remarks.

Speaking from the enclave, Nizar Ayash, head of Gaza's fishermen's union, said the Strip's 4,000 registered fishermen would take precautionary measures when leaving shore on Tuesday.

The weekly march has been running since spring with Palestinian protesters denouncing Israeli occupation and the blockade of the Gaza Strip, and demanding the right to return to the areas they were expelled from in 1948.

This is the second flotilla that has been sent to Gaza since May 29th, where the Israeli naval forces intercepted the first flotilla and arrested 17 passengers on board. At least 145 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli fire.