Sunday, 17 February, 2019

Instagram Model Posing For Photo Amidst School Of Sharks Bitten By Shark

GettyImages-946931908 Instagram Model Posing For Photo Amidst School Of Sharks Bitten By Shark
Theresa Hayes | 11 July, 2018, 22:36

That's what happened to Katarina Zarutskie, a 19-year-old model, while on vacation in the Exuma islands in the Bahamas with her boyfriend and his family.

A Florida student, who is also a model, says she's lucky to be alive after being bitten by a shark during a photo shoot.

Revealing all to Buzzfeed, she said: "Nurse sharks are calm creatures", adding that she had seen photos of people swimming next to them before.

Speaking with 7News on Tuesday, Zarutskie showed the wrist injury she suffered when a nurse shark bit down on it earlier this summer. "I was pulled underwater for a few seconds and then ripped by wrist out of the shark's mouth as fast as I could". Zarutskie was able to break free and swim to the shore.

Her boyfriend's father was photographing Katarina at the time, and accidentally caught the whole incident in a series of images.

"[The doctors] now believe that I still have pieces of the shark teeth in my arm and I will forever have a scar", said Zarutskie, who noted she was anxious about the injury affecting her burgeoning modeling career. Luckily, she's okay...but the photo of her bite is quite brutal. Zaruskie said she did not see them. Katarina posted them to social media, where she's been overwhelmed with comments asking for details.

"I've been on so many different medications", she said. She did, but within moments, a shark bit her arm.

This might just be me, but having your photo taken fuckin' sucks.

"You really need to respect them" she explained, but warned future shark swimmers to "take into consideration the risks" before jumping in the water with them. She went to the hospital to get treatment for her infected wounds.

Now, nurse sharks are largely pretty docile, but it's always worth remembering that they are still sharks.