Saturday, 19 January, 2019

Justin Bieber Confirms Engagement To Hailey Baldwin: ‘I Am Soooo In Love’

Justin Bieber'engaged to Hailey Baldwin after dropping to one knee in the Bahamas The pair have rekindled their romance after dating in 2016
Stacy Diaz | 10 July, 2018, 23:19

Bieber, 24, and Christian model Hailey Baldwin, 21, who have been in relationship for around one month, became engaged in the Bahamas on Saturday night.

First reported by TMZ, later by E!

Ariana Grande tweeted (and promptly deleted) a passionate tweet in defence of her manager, Scooter Braun, following rumours that Justin Bieber, who he also looks after, is now engaged to Hailey Baldwin.

Meanwhile, Justin's mother Pattie Mallete sent out a super-sweet tweet which was full of love and adoration.

Justin Bieber, the singer that many have criticized for having relationships in constant on/off has made a decision to commit to Hailey Baldwin.

The insider shared: "Justin chose to propose to Hailey in front of a group of people in the Bahamas, but had been planning to ask her for a couple weeks now".

The witnesses claim Justin's security told everyone in the restaurant they were at to put their phones away because something special was about to happen, with the singer proposing to Hailey in front of everyone there.

Hailey Baldwin model and Instagram babe's hottest pictures.

Chart-topping pop star Justin Bieber had been planning to propose to Hailey Baldwin for weeks, according to a source.

Bieber, 24, and Gomez, 25, had an on-again off-again relationship from the time they were teens - most recently spending time together late past year before things reportedly fizzled again in March. The two were not friends, they didn't see or follow each other on social media.

Prior to their engagement, Bieber and Baldwin had been dating for around one month. "Excited for the next chapter!" he captioned a photo with the younger Bieber at the beach on his Instagram.

Bieber foreshadowed the possibility of marrying Baldwin in a 2016 interview with GQ.

"@justinbieber Proud is an understatement!"

She added: "I think that God kind of put me in the place in my life to not be quiet about it, not be quiet about him, but to reach people and to inspire people. He's somebody I really cherish", she told the U.K.'s The Times this May.