Sunday, 17 February, 2019

This psychic octopus correctly predicts Japan’s World Cup results

Reports on social media say this is what Rabiot looks like now. Credit YouTube/北海道ニュースUHB Reports on social media say this is what Rabiot looks like now. Credit YouTube/北海道ニュースUHB
Kristopher Love | 04 July, 2018, 16:49

One thing he didn't see coming, however, was his own untimely death at the hands of an overeager seafood chef.

The sea creature, caught in Obira, Hokkaido, correctly tipped the result of Japan's games against Colombia, Poland and Senegal.

Maybe this is why I'm feeling the loss of Rabiot the psychic octopus so deeply, after he was killed and sent to the fish markets despite his having correctly predicted the outcome of Japan's first three World Cup matches.

The fisherman said he would be using a new octopus, Rabio Jr, to predict Japan's results for the rest of the World Cup.

Rabiot made the predictions by moving to different parts of a paddling pool.

Local media reported that Kimio Abe, the fisherman who had caught Rabiot, had decided that his business was more important than keeping the "psychic" octopus alive for the knockout stages.

Rabiot the octopus can predict Japan's results at the World Cup by swimming to the area of a pool holding the flag of the team it thinks will win.

But Rabiot managed some posthumous revenge.

Japan will face title-contenders Belgium on Monday - and although this World Cup has been one of surprises, perhaps getting slaughtered was Rabiot's way of predicting the outcome of the match. It is not known whether the replacement octopus predicted the result correctly, although it is certain that it will meet a similar fate to Rabiot.

In 2010, Paul the octopus became an worldwide star after correctly predicting the results of all Germany's games in the 2010 World Cup, as well as the final - in which it backed Spain to win.

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