Thursday, 21 February, 2019

Netflix may soon charge you even more for 4K and HDR

Netflix could soon announce some changes to its pricing schedule with the addition of a fourth plan Netflix may soon charge you even more for 4K and HDR
Stacy Diaz | 04 July, 2018, 17:10

The trial version of the Ultra tier also offers access for up to four devices at once, and in some regions that has pushed Premium down to just two. Similarly, the Standard plan may be downgraded to just one display.

Some Italian consumers say that based on promotional material they've received from the video streamer, the new Netflix lineup reduces the number of screens that can stream Netflix simultaneously with the Premium plan from 4 to 2 (see image at the top of this article).

Customers of the streaming service Netflix can choose between three plans right now: basic, standard, and premium. Some reported the Premium package was bumped down to a two screen maximum, while Ultra offered four, but other have reported that the screen limit hasn't changed. The only difference appears to be that it supports High Dynamic Range (HDR) while all other plans on Netflix don't support the feature anymore according to the listing.

That would amount to an indirect price hike, as former Standard and Premium subscribers might migrate to higher price tiers.

In this scenario, the addition of the Ultra plans would be the same as a price hike for Premium subscribers as they would be forced to upgrade to the new, more expensive tier to maintain the same level of service. More expensive Ultra planNetflix now offers three streaming tiers. Different user groups see various implementations of the new feature or change.

Meanwhile, in a statement to CNET, Netflix has said that it is "continuously" testing new things and that a test does not necessarily indicate plans for a full rollout. In April, it was valued at a whopping $170 billion by investors betting on Netflix's potential for global growth; at the time, it counted some 125 million subscribers worldwide. The Ultra tier is being tested at €16.99 in Europe, which equates to £14.99 in the UK.