Wednesday, 18 July, 2018

Light's phone prototype has 9 cameras, for when dual cameras aren't enough

Light's multi-lens camera tech is coming to a phone 3 camera lenses? Psh, Light might be bringing 9 lenses to a new smartphone
Sherri Watson | 04 July, 2018, 20:16

"A camera-maker called Light showed concept and working prototype phones with between five and nine lenses-yes, nine-on the back". Light will reportedly release a version of the multilens phone later this year. 16 cameras, as you may have already thought to yourself, does seem like a little too much, which is why Light's new smartphone (of which we have only a single image) comes with nine cameras, with 8 arranged in a circular format around the primary camera. The design, the company claims, can capture 64-megapixel photos, take better low-light shots, and incorporate advanced depth effects. In the case of the P20 Pro, the smartphone has a 40MP+ 20MP+8MP camera system. While these prototype smartphones have a fewer number of lenses - and will thus likely be less expensive than the L16 - you probably won't be buying one of these future Light smartphones for less than a grand. Back in March, Huawei unveiled the first smartphone with a triple camera setup and DxOMark said that smartphones with four cameras will soon become very common.

It's not clear whether Light aspires to be the next big smartphone company, or if it's simply betting that its notional multi-camera smartphone's unique selling proposition lures enough customers to make a profit. And true to the firm's reputation, the device will reportedly be equipped with more cameras than you can imagine. Besides having an investor like Foxconn, Light also is familiar with Android since the open source OS drives the L16 camera. The camera then uses algorithms to combine them into one high-resolution image.

Currently, the L16 costs $1,950, according to the report. And these features are what we expect to see in the upcoming smartphone with 9 cameras.