Saturday, 22 September, 2018

EPA's Pruitt confronted by teacher at Washington restaurant, report says

EPA's Pruitt confronted by teacher at Washington restaurant, report says EPA's Pruitt confronted by teacher at Washington restaurant, report says
Theresa Hayes | 03 July, 2018, 23:10

The fresh allegation that Pruitt enlisted a subordinate to perform personal duties comes on top of reports that he asked an aide to seek a business opportunity for his wife from the fast-food franchise Chick-fil-A, and that she received $2,000 from Concordia, a New York City-based nonprofit that had asked Pruitt to speak at an event a year ago.

In the never-ending stream of ethical scandals clouding EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt's tenure, more bombshells hit Monday and Tuesday as reports surfaced of Pruitt's secret calendar, his jockeying to get his wife a cushy job and his manipulation of staffers to save himself money.

"What it comes down to is these are people and it is their job to work for us".

A congressional panel is investigating Pruitt's use of the condominium tied to an energy industry lobbyist. Last week, she was arrested during a protest at the Hart Senate Office Building, she told The Post.

Dravis' attorney, Miller & Chevalier's Andrew Herman, said in an interview Monday that his client answered questions from Republicans and Democrats "as forthrightly and candidly as she could, and she pushed back on both sides when they were either wrong or pushing their agenda".

Mink later told the New York Post she was nervous about the confrontation but had jotted down a few notes before she went over to speak to him.

"Pruitt is the gift that keeps on giving in terms of examples of how senior government officials, particularly in this administration, abuse their power and their position", Fox said, "and really treat the government's resources - of which the most valuable are personnel - as personal servants". I honestly don't know how he sleeps at night. Mitchell, a longtime friend of Pruitt's, said in a recent op-ed that she had volunteered her time to find Marlyn Pruitt employment.

"We would have meetings what we were going to take off on the official schedule".

The House Oversight and Government Reform Committee is now investigating Pruitt's management of the EPA and his spending habits, including his use of premium cabins while traveling and the details surrounding a sweetheart condo rental from the wife of an energy lobbyist.

Pruitt faces a barrage of ethics complaints and federal inquiries.

Dravis as well as Ryan Jackson, Pruitt's chief of staff, each spoke to the committee last week for several hours, accompanied by attorneys.

In the video, Pruitt listens silently as the woman berates him.