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Android Beta 3 (Dev Preview 4) is out now

Android Beta 3 (Dev Preview 4) is out now Android Beta 3 (Dev Preview 4) is out now
Sherri Watson | 03 July, 2018, 15:30

Google has released Android P Beta 3, the latest preview of its upcoming update for Android smartphones.

What we do know is that Android P's features were frozen just under four weeks ago, so it's not as if the new beta will teach you anything new about the OS. In a blog post, Google's VP of engineering Dave Burke wrote that "beta 3 now takes us very close to what you'll see in the final version of Android P, due later this summer".

While developers got an early preview back in March, this is the third public beta of Android P that we've received.

The Android security patch for July is out and available to all Pixel/Nexus devices.

You can check the availability of the July Android security update on your eligible Pixel or Nexus device by going to Settings System updates. For developers, they can target API 28 which is the final one and they can starting testing their apps for the same in terms to security, performance and stability.

Don't expect much in the way on consumer-facing features, as Google finalized all the APIs with Beta 2. Given the nature of this "release candidate", many assumed that this beta would include Google's planned "Digital Wellbeing" features. Android P's final name is not confirmed, but this will be version 9 of Android. Today, it means support for multi-cameras, new phones with notched cut-outs at the top of the screen - a design Google itself is expected to adopt with the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL - and enhanced notifications. Those running the beta will get the app update, so the app will be tested on a variety of beta hardware. However, the settings pages and other elements of Android will not change.