Wednesday, 19 September, 2018

More details leak out about Microsoft's new "pocketable" Surface

More details leak out about Microsoft's new More details leak out about Microsoft's new "pocketable" Surface
Sherri Watson | 02 July, 2018, 16:31

More and more, it really does seem that this device will be the mythical Surface Phone that Microsoft and Windows fans have always been hoping for. Although there is a lot of anticipation around Andromeda - Microsoft debuted the concept initially as part of its Courier project almost a decade ago - Microsoft isn't the only one rumored to be working on dual-screened devices. Microsoft is also working on a stylus fit for Andromeda, which will act as a pen for taking down notes and other things. Codenamed Andromeda, the device features a dual-display design meant to create a "new and disruptive" device category blurring the lines between PC and mobile. However there could be a new Surface device that Microsoft has yet to announce, according to a leaked email obtained by The Verge. Numerama had initially unveiled the codename Andromeda a year ago.

Microsoft is not the only company that is working on dual-screen/flexible display devices.

New details about Microsoft's new Surface tablet have now come out via a leaked internal document. The Surface Pro was successfully able to disrupt tablets and laptops and big names including Apple are duplicating the Surface approach now. The folding screen lies on top of the hinge, meaning you see a single display when you crack open the device to use it. There have been rumors of a Surface Phone in the past but that has yet to be revealed, assuming that it is still in the works. It seems the brand is going to pitch it as a pocketable Surface device. David Breyer provided a 3D concept of how this secret device may look like.

Emails from Microsoft have surfaced which delve into Microsoft's future plans for its Surface line of devices.

The motive of Microsoft Company behind building this secret device is responding in a unique way to the failures being faced with Windows Phone devices presently.

It's possible Microsoft could choose to launch the device alongside the next major Windows 10 Update, likely to be called the Fall Creators Update 2018, this September.