Wednesday, 19 September, 2018

Motorola to announce the Moto Z3 in early August

Motorola to announce the Moto Z3 in early August Motorola to announce the Moto Z3 in early August
Sherri Watson | 01 July, 2018, 20:27

We are more than a month away from the announcement, hence, expect to hear more about what Motorola has planned for August 2 in the coming weeks.

The other difference is in the dual rear camera design. The hopes are high from those who are anticipating a surprise from the smartphone maker who gave the Moto G series-being a very successful one.

Unfortunately, as these are leaked press renders, it's hard to identify other small differences. Secondly, it appears the Motorola One has a glossy casing compared to the matte finish on the One Power. Also, the Moto One features a fingerprint sensor, which could be embedded into the Motorola branding at the top center of the rear panel. But considering we just saw the Moto Z3 Play launch, it's likely we'll see the new flagship Moto Z3 at this event. There is not a metal back like the Motorola One Power.

Motorola also tells us that this device will "change the way people will use and interact with their phones". Unlike the Motorola One power that has a single module for dual cameras and the flash, the Motorola One has both the lenses placed separately with an LED flash between them.

As we mentioned, launched at the Chicago HQ tend to be more important and the phone is at least due a full-screen update to align with the recent trend of 18:9 displays.

Just like with the initial One Power photos, these new leaked renders of the Motorola One come from AndroidHeadlines. At present, it's not entirely clear if this means smaller in terms of the display, or smaller in regards to the thickness of the device, or both. We're not sure if they will be unveiled together but we're assuming these two are different and yet the same in many ways. Probably, the Motorola One lineup may only include Android One smartphones. You might think of it as the Motorola's first handset with a notch.