Saturday, 23 February, 2019

Late Night Hosts Join Forces to Respond to Trump

Stephen Colbert Jimmy Fallon Conan O'Brien Video Trump Response Late Night Hosts Join Forces to Respond to Trump
Stacy Diaz | 29 June, 2018, 21:06

JIMMY Fallon has launched a scathing return attack on Donald Trump, mocking the President for picking fights on social media.

The president continues to rail against the late-night hosts online and in public, as he did Monday at a rally in SC, so Stephen Colbert enlisted Jimmy Fallon and Conan O'Brien to figure out how to respond.

Colbert responded by saying it didn't sound like something Trump would say. Trump continued his administration's Let's Be Civil Out There campaign, bullying late-night hosts Stephen Colbert, as well as Jimmy Kimmel.

The footage opens with Colbert writing an anti-Trump monologue before taking a call from Fallon.

What do you think about the cold open tonight? Donald Trump? The real-estate guy who sells steaks?

"Honestly are these people amusing?", Trump asked the crowd, earning a resounding "No". "You're the President! Why are you tweeting at me?" Well played, guy on CBS and other lowlifes.

It followed Trump disparaging them at a SC rally on Monday. "He's president? Wow. How's he doing?"

"Not so good", Colbert informs the TBS late-night star.

In a column on the topic, Variety's then-TV critic Sonia Saraiya said the interview caused Fallon to lose "the last shred" of "any credibility as a thinking comedian with a point-of-view" that he may have had left. Colbert answers Jimmy's "What are you up to" with "busy having no talent". He says, "If we're not careful, this could start to get ugly".

The sketch ends with a joke referencing Red Hen, a restaurant where Mr Trump's White House press secretary Sarah Sanders was recently asked to leave.

"Hey, low-life!" says Fallon, 43, who seemed to be referring to Trump's reported name for the CBS host at the rally.