Wednesday, 20 February, 2019

YouTube to launch new streaming service, YouTube Music

YouTube to launch new streaming service, YouTube Music YouTube to launch new streaming service, YouTube Music
Sherri Watson | 19 June, 2018, 03:07

It is now not clear when YouTube Music will launch in South Africa.

Existing YouTube Red subscribers will not pay a higher price for YouTub0e Premium, its new replacement.

Starting Tuesday, the new YouTube Music experience is rolling out in the U.S., Australia, New Zealand, Mexico and South Korea. That's songs, albums, playlists and artist radio, as well as YouTube's exclusive catalogue of remixes, live performances, covers and music videos - "all simply organised and personalised". For now, you'll receive both YouTube Music Premium and Google Play Music with a subscription.

Users not only get access to exclusive video content from YouTube originals, but all YouTube content becomes ad-free, and users can download videos directly to their devices for offline access without any restrictions. Now, those that are currently YouTube Red subscribers will be moved over to YouTube Premium at their current price of $9.99.

Revenue from music streaming services overtook sales of CDs and digital downloads for the first time in 2017, according to the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry. YouTube has announced this evening YouTube Red is now becoming YouTube Premium-and it'll soon launch in Canada (!). YouTube Premium is the new name for YouTube Red, which is YouTube's current paid subscription service, priced at $9.99.

According to projections in the IFPI's Global Music Report, YouTube is the world's most dominant music streaming platform, attracting 46 per cent of all music streaming listening time around the world a year ago, with the exception of China.

The personalized home screen adapts to provide recommendations based on a person's listening history, where they are and what they're doing.

"Google has an advantage given YouTube's more than a billion users and viewers". The service will be launched in other countries including Canada and the United Kingdom soon. For example at the gym, YouTube Music will suggest some beats to set the right mood for the workout, while at the airport, it would recommend something relaxing. The main focus here is the paid plan though, as it will be the only way to enable background listening - a pretty important feature for music.