Saturday, 19 January, 2019

You can’t hail an Uber via Google Maps anymore

You can’t hail an Uber via Google Maps anymore You can’t hail an Uber via Google Maps anymore
Sherri Watson | 19 June, 2018, 10:15

If you decided that taking an Uber was what you wanted, you could book the ride right in Google Maps (assuming you set up the integration with your Uber account previously). The change means that, in the USA at least, only Lyft is integrated as a route option when using Google Maps for directions.

However as spotted by Android Police, it appears that users will no longer be able to hail an Uber from Google Maps.

Neither company has officially announced the removal of their services from the other, so we could be looking at an Amazon-like standoff where one company won't support the others' services owing to ongoing conflicts. Which is why Google partnered up with Uber so they could integrate the company's ride-sharing service directly into the Google Maps application.

Now, though, things are changing again. In the USA, that means Lyft is now the only option, location depending. That's in contrast to Lyft, which still shows estimates for different vehicle types, though you have to tap thew "Open App" button to actually order the ride in the Lyft app. "But you can still look up the route in the Maps app and then request the ride from the Uber app". Google hyped up the feature when it was first added last January, releasing YouTube videos showing users how to book a ride without ever leaving the app. This meant that while searching for location of places, users would also be able to hail an Uber within Google Maps itself. If you don't have the app installed, you will be sent to the Google Play Store where you can install it. The Verge points out Alphabet's venture capital wing holds a large investment in Lyft.