Monday, 21 January, 2019

Saudi Arabia Denies Punishing Players For Losing World Cup Opener

Russia's national football team Russia's last win at a World Cup tournament was a 2-0 victory over Tunisia in Japan in 2002
Kristopher Love | 16 June, 2018, 22:05

Fans from all over the world witnessed a glitzy and glamorous affair at the opening event of the much awaited FIFA World Cup 2018.

However, for a young Russian star parked in the middle of an obscure and not very-popular Russian Premier League, Golovin has realized exactly what the World Cup could mean to him.

Organizers prepared three tents that are adapted to receive visitors daily and without any charge, and the main tent takes almost 600 people.

This year is the first World Cup finals tournament Saudi Arabia has reached since 2006. There is also a snack area provided by 15 "Food Trucks". This result is totally unsatisfactory, because it does not reflect the true level of our preparedness.

Russia's 5-0 win against Saudi Arabia was the biggest win for a host nation in a World Cup opener since 1934. "Goalkeeper Abdullah Al-Mayouf, striker Mohammed Al-Sahlawi and defender Omar Hawsawi", he added.

Meanwhile, had earlier reported that Uruguay scored a late goal to from Jose Gimenez to hand the South American power house victory over Egypt.

The opening ceremony did get off to a great start and with no major incidents reports, a good mix of fans in Russian Federation and the powers that be in Russian Federation have right to be very proud of themselves, and it was good to see a true mix of fans, including those wearing veils being permitted to sit in the grandstand and with no abuse or otherwise levelled at them.

Saudi Arabia's next game comes up against Uruguay on Wednesday befor ethey will face Egypt in the last group game. Saudi Arabia showed promise briefly for the next 20 minutes, their best chance coming off of a corner, but the ball sailed over the bar.

"There's this closeness and trust between the players, the coaches and the fans that makes it possible to go to the pub and visit the fan club", he said.

Another said that the Saudi people "wished for relations between the two countries to be good and that they could live in peace and security, and that we could be brothers. This is the reality that we must accept, these are their abilities and capabilities", al-Sheikh said on his Twitter account.