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Donkey Kong is Now Available on the Nintendo Switch

Sky Skipper Donkey Kong is Now Available on the Nintendo Switch
Sherri Watson | 16 June, 2018, 01:14

Nintendo's Arcade Archives initiative is set on faithfully reproducing Nintendo's classic arcade experiences and the new Switch release of Donkey Kong seems to hold true to that mantra. Thursday's Arcade Archives release reportedly includes three versions of the game - the original Japanese version, an updated Japanese version, and an worldwide version.

Other Arcade Archive titles now available include "Punch-Out!". This will be the first official, North American release of the arcade version of the game.

Sky Skipper was developed in 1981 although it was never officially released in arcades. Nintendo pulled out the roms from this cabinet, copied them and sent them to Japan. The Switch release, as mentioned during the announcement, also includes a Hi Score and Caravan mode (with a five-minute time limit), along with online leaderboards. The side art for the game was drawn by Shigeru Miyamoto.

In Sky Skipper, you take control of a pilot who must save the royal family - represented as playing cards, from gorillas.

Donkey Kong for the Nintendo Switch is comprised of three versions of the game including the original Japanese release with bugs intact, a fixed Japanese release and a slightly tweaked global version like the one that debuted in the USA in 1981.

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