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'Antsy and bored' Trump almost left Kim summit in peril, report says

'Antsy and bored' Trump almost left Kim summit in peril, report says 'Antsy and bored' Trump almost left Kim summit in peril, report says
Stacy Diaz | 15 June, 2018, 23:08

Trump also touched on the issue of the remains of U.S. soldiers missing during the Korean War.

President Donald Trump said after his summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un on Tuesday that the allies should stop the war games during nuclear negotiations in "good faith".

Pompeo and Sanders also told the president that if he abruptly moved up the summit to Monday, which would be Sunday night in the US, he might forego wall-to-wall TV coverage of the event, sources told The Post. "I would love to get the military out as soon as we can because it costs a lot of money and a lot of money for us".

Later Friday, Trump told reporters at the White House his remark was a joke.

He said South Korea would be "flexible when it came to military pressure on North Korea".

Harry Harris, a retired admiral and former commander of US Forces in the Pacific, said during his Senate confirmation hearing that the US should halt major military drills with South Korea in exchange for concrete steps by North Korea towards denuclearisation.

There are about 29,000 USA soldiers based in South Korea and each year the two countries regularly conduct large scale military drills, often called war games.

Pompeo dismissed a report by North Korean state media that indicated the USA would grant concessions to Pyongyang for gradual progress. He's is the head of a country, I mean he is the strong head. "The whole landscape has shifted". On the subject of North Korea's nuclear weapons, Kim Jong Un simply "reaffirmed" a previous commitment made earlier in the year, pledging to work toward the denuclearization of the peninsula.

The Cheong Wa Dae official also hailed the US-North Korea summit for laying the groundwork for North Korea to become a responsible member of the global community and a "normal state" so that the North can gain confidence to push for denuclearization and open up its society.

But on Friday, citing two people "familiar with preparations for the event", the Washington Post said the president's impatience and a "tense" staff meeting with North Korean officials left "left some aides fearful that the entire summit might be in peril".

On a declaration of ending the 1950-53 Korean War, the official said that South Korea is reviewing the possibility of the two Koreas and the USA jointly declaring an end to the war.