Monday, 21 January, 2019

Backflipping FBI agent charged with assault for accidental shooting

Melinda Barton | 13 June, 2018, 12:58

The New York Post reports, Bishop's gun discharged and struck fellow reveller Tom Reddington in the leg at the Mile High Spirits bar in Downtown Denver.

Federal Bureau of Investigation officials have refused to release Bishop's name although he had been identified by other media outlets.

As he picks up the gun from the floor, it fires.

Additional charges could be filed based on the results of toxicology tests, which have not yet been received.

Bishop gained national notoriety after video of his backflip on a dance floor in the early hours of June 2 went viral.

Bishop was partying at Mile High Spirits, a distillery and dance club in the Ballpark neighborhood, while off duty.

Video of the incident shows the gun falling from Bishop's waistband holder as he's dancing and doing a back-flip.

Bishop pounced on the weapon but accidentally squeezed off a single round.

The customer hit by the bullet was taken to hospital with a non-life-threatening injury.

Our reporting partner, 9News in Denver, said that multiple sources told them that Bishop works out of Washington D.C. and is a decorated former Army captain who served in Afghanistan.

Sanders said the field office would fully cooperate with Denver police and prosecutors "as this matter proceeds through the judicial process".

A man who identified himself in an interview with ABC's "Good Morning America" as Thomas Reddington was shot in the leg. "Then it clicked that I've been shot".

The bar also said the patron who was shot is welcome to complimentary drinks forever at the bar.

"It is shocking that the only shooting to ever occur at our establishment came about as a result of an Federal Bureau of Investigation agent entering our distillery tasting room carrying a loaded firearm without our knowledge, in violation of our rules", the bar said.