Monday, 21 January, 2019

White House says Trump plans early summit departure

White House says Trump plans early summit departure White House says Trump plans early summit departure
Nellie Chapman | 12 June, 2018, 15:47

While Donald Trump said that the denuclearisation process of North Korea is expected to start "very quickly", Kim Jong added, "world will see a major change".

He then appeared to show off for Mr. Kim The Beast, the heavily-armoured Cadillac that is the presidential auto.

Before Kim's departure, the president heaped praise on the young dictator, saying he learned from their meeting that he's "a very talented man" who "loves his country very much".

He said the details about the site being destroyed were not included in the joint declaration the leaders signed after almost five hours of talks because they agreed to it after the document was signed.

The U.S. President earlier promised that "working together ... we will get it done".

The optimistic summit was a remarkable change in dynamics from less than a year ago, when Trump was threatening "fire and fury" against Kim, who in turn scorned the American president as a "mentally deranged US dotard".

Trump had said on Saturday he would know within a minute of meeting Kim whether he would reach a deal.

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un met with U.S. President Donald Trump on Tuesday in Singapore.

It's "going to be tremendously successful", Mr. Trump said in introductory comments broadcast live on television. "And it's my honour and we will have a terrific relationship I have no doubt".

He was overheard telling the US President: "Well, it was not easy to get here". I thought I was going to play basketball and meet the people and that was it.

"Trump clearly has the upper hand here because the media in North Korea is so tightly controlled".

The meeting in and of itself is an historic moment, marking the first direct exchange between United States and North Korean leaders since the two nations went to war 58 years ago.

Reporters asked Mr. Kim several times whether he would give up his nuclear weapons.

"We may be able to recoup a little bit of that but I think it is a cost that we're willing to pay and it's our contribution to an global endeavour, which is in our profound interests", said Lee during a press conference held at the summit's worldwide Media Centre.

"This summit begins to lay the foundation for a series of meetings to bring North Korea to a more normal status with its neighbors", said Donald Gregg, formerly of the Central Intelligence Agency and one-time ambassador to South Korea under President George H.W. Bush. It's aimed at settling a standoff over Pyongyang's nuclear arsenal.

The Korean flavour is evident from the spiciness, she said.

"The President has also expressed his openness to expanding access to foreign investment and other economic opportunities for North Korea if they take the right steps".

Mr Trump faced some tough questions, including one about Warmbier, the United States college student from OH who was arrested and imprisoned in North Korea for 17 months before being returned home in a coma.