Monday, 20 August, 2018

Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Savannah Phillips at Beaufort Polo Club

Princess Charlotte threw a small tantrum at one point but it was still pretty adorable More Princess Charlotte threw a small tantrum at one point but it was still pretty adorable More
Stacy Diaz | 12 June, 2018, 23:16

The Duchess didn't only cheer up George this weekend, at Trooping the Colour, she had to comfort Charlotte too. Princess Charlotte, 3, doesn't always accompany her parents during royal press tours, but when she does she is just as fashionable as her mum.

But photos immediately after show Kate was actually running to greet England polo player Malcolm Borwick, who appeared to be beckoning her from beside the white marquees a few metres from the grass bank. Crowds assembled outside the palace lawns to watch the Trooping the Colour ceremony which saw several musicians, about a 1,000 soldiers march together and a stunning flypast by the Royal Air Force.

George, who was from shutting up, talked even during the national anthem, forcing Savannah to place her hand on his mouth to shut him up-leaving the world in splits, including George, who could still be seen smiling.

The four-year-old prince, who makes us go aww with his mischievous expressions, was standing alongside Princess Charlotte and cousin Savannah Phillips, who were busy enjoying the show.

George and his friends were spotted playing with some toy guns.

She was also seen relaxing in Kate's lap and climbing up a bank with her mother.

Prince George kept Kate entertained. My American side here, biased maybe b/c of everyday gunviolence in US, but my British side agrees.

But while many criticized the fact that the little prince was allowed to play with a plastic gun, the debate has been ongoing as others have risen to the defense of children playing with such toys.

These worries primarily stem from how some toy guns are made to look just like real ones, creating a fear that if presented with a real gun, the child won't understand the danger in it. Do you let your children play with them and should the royal family have let Prince George?