Friday, 20 July, 2018

International House of...burgers?

IHOP to IHOB Scott Olson Getty Images
Stacy Diaz | 12 June, 2018, 08:43

In truth, IHOP isn't actually changing its name to IHOB; it's simply adding burgers to its menu, and is using the name-change gimmick to advertise the addition.

It's hard to imagine the new name could be permanent, as the almost 60-year-old restaurant chain is best known for its pancakes and breakfast menu items. Will the newest burger joint contender be able to carry its brand through such online ire? Before revealing the reasoning for the "P" to be turned upside down into a "b", IHOP gave the world a week to guess what the "b" might stand for. It's "IHOb" International House of Burgers. It revealed a number of new burgers on its menu, calling them "ultimate steakburgers", including a "big brunch" burger that comes topped with an egg.

Rebelez said that bringing burgers to an iconic restaurant like IHOP was a "fantastic combination".

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Others noted that the Ob in the IHOb logo looked extremely similar to the O.B. brand of tampons.

Professional baseball team the Philadelphia Phillies went to the trouble of making its own name change announcement video that turns the MLB franchise into the "bhillies".

"We're always going to have pancakes on the menu". Is Rebelez anxious that he's competing more directly with his corporate sibling?

"The goal is to get people to think about us for lunch and dinner", Haley conceded.

With that being said, they have "breakfast" burgers, as well. "Come try one if you want a new legend in your life".

Everyone's default theory was that the "B" didn't stand for a particular dish at all, but instead to "Breakfast".