Sunday, 17 February, 2019

Babylon's Fall announced for PC and PlayStation 4, Platinum Games developing

Sherri Watson | 12 June, 2018, 03:24

There will also be the Edition of Lost Time, which will be more like a collector's edition; this particular iteration a steelbook case, map, and other goodies, which you can check out at the end of the trailer. This game is being developed for PS4 and Steam by Platinum games and will release in 2019. It's clear that Square Enix is bringing everything together for a big finale with Kingdom Hearts 3.

In terms of E3 2018 showstoppers, Square Enix is likely to let Shadow of the Tomb Raider take center stage at its press conference. Fans will get to have a first-hand experience of Sora's new and returning abilities, as well as a chance to potentially see new worlds coming to the game.

Unfortunately for Square Enix, the slew of trailers thrown in felt underwhelming since majority have already been seen before- many of them were shown at Microsoft's conference on Sunday.

Well, Square Enix just wrapped up a short and uneventful E3 press conference that really seemed to phone it in.

For the most part, the show was one giant retread.

Along with the trailer, Square announced special editions of the game available to pre-order. They also spent a lot of time with close-ups of the tornadoes that will be blaring around in Just Cause 4, which is getting a December release date. I don't feel like it is an entitlement to say that there should be just a little bit more effort.

Kingdom Hearts III is an action role-playing game that combines the universes of various Disney franchises and Final Fantasy.