Wednesday, 19 December, 2018

Anthem is not going to have any romance options

Anthem is not going to have any romance options Anthem is not going to have any romance options
Sherri Watson | 12 June, 2018, 03:28

Hudson stated that their game wasn't an MMO and another Bioware developer said that it was going to be "a shared story" instead.

A few new games and a couple of nice surprises ensued, and with those mixed in with the usual EA Sports announcements and a big segment dedicated to the excellent looking Anthem, it was a show worth taking in.

Next, EA came out and admitted to the rocky launch of Star Wars: Battlefront II.

And if that's not enough Star Wars gaming news, EA dropped the trailer for the new Han Solo Season which now includes the Kessel mission, where players can pilot the Millennium Falcon with L3-37 as their co-pilot.

BioWare has confirmed "no loot boxes" and "no ability to pay for power" within Anthem's wholly-cosmetic DLC model, but the dev didn't make clear exactly what kind of season pass or DLC chapter content might be sold for the game at a later time. That means players who wish to do so can play the entire game on their own. The game is set between episodes 3&4; an era where Jedi are hunted down and all but eradicated. New but familiar characters will make an appearance for the first time and there will be new planets introduced into the game. Be sure to keep an eye out in the future as we will have previews and interviews up for some of EA's biggest upcoming releases.

Anthem is set to release early next year, on February 22. Ubisoft did exactly that with its open-world military shooter Ghost Recon Wildlands, and now one could argue that the game's Ghost War PvP mode is even more popular than its standard co-op component. Despite this, every fight between the four players and an enemy group felt like a well-choreographed battle sequence straight out of a Star Wars movie or something. It will also be released on September 7. NBA Live 19 will feature a new chapter of "The One", a single player career mode which debuted in NBA Live 18. One is "Unravel Two", which is the sequel to the yarn-based platformer.

E3 2018 is finally here. The new Origin Access Premier be available later this summer, for Rs. 999 per month ($15) or Rs. 6,499 per year ($100) which is not a bad deal if you really play games on a daily basis. Battlefield 5 will absolutely be a big part of EA Play this year.

Speaking of the story, it does seem familiar to another game, Destiny. For American football, Madden NFL19 is coming to PC (for the first time since 08), alongside Xbox One and PS4.