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Love Island’s Kendall ‘gutted’ to be first contestant dumped

Love Island’s Kendall ‘gutted’ to be first contestant dumped Love Island’s Kendall ‘gutted’ to be first contestant dumped
Stacy Diaz | 11 June, 2018, 17:44

One fan even accused the dating show of breaking her heart.

But if that has already got you facepalming, we hate to tell you, things got a lot worse.

The reality show has just released a sneaky teaser clip for tonight's episode, and it looks like Kendall Rae Knight is still feeling anxious about the pace that Adam Collard wants to take things.

Eyal being before Adam meant that Adam was then left to choose between the two girls that had spent the last two episodes vying for his affections.

Some other girl in a bikini (Samira apparently), and bikini number 1 Georgia explained that Britain was leaving the European Union and Hayley answered: "I seriously don't know what that is".

Upon first entering the villa, Kendall was paired up with Niall Aslam, but she was later snatched up by newcomer Adam Collard.

Kendall entered the villa by coupling up with Niall which seemed to be the start of a blossoming romance, until ab machine Adam swept in and chose to steal Kendall by coupling up with her.

The retail manager was given her marching orders after her fellow girls including Dani Dyer and Hayley Hughes were picked by the other boys.

"I wouldn't want the stereotype of 'Oh, let's go, let's get f**ked.' Like, it's not me, do you know what I mean? He was definitely my type though, had I seen him in a bar on the outside world, he was someone I would have gone for".

However in the eviction, he told the group: "I want to couple up with the girl because she is lovely and confident".

"Just because Adam's pied me now, I'm not going to jump on anyone else".

Kendall went on to tip Jack and Dani to do well and praise Dr Alex. They seem to have a great connection.

Love Island 2018 returns at 9PM on Sunday, followed by spin-off show Aftersun at 10PM where Kendall will chat to Caroline.

But Hayley follows close behind at 13/8 to be axed, whereas all of the other girls look safe as they find themselves with 16/1 chance or bigger of being evicted.