Monday, 18 February, 2019

Devil May Cry 5 Announced

Devil May Cry 5 Announced Devil May Cry 5 Announced
Sherri Watson | 11 June, 2018, 17:51

Devil May Cry 5 will see the return of demon-hunting twins Nero and Dante, and will serve as a direct sequel to Devil May Cry 4 from 2008.

No exclusivity has been announced for Devil May Cry 5 so it appears it will launch on at least Xbox One and PS4, performing best on Xbox One X.

Capcom has a presence at E3 2018, so we could potentially hear more from Devil May Cry 5 at some other point during the week.

In typical Devil May Cry fashion, the combat looks to be smooth and stylish, and Nero looks to be using Red Queen, the sword from Devil May Cry 4, as well as the Devil Bringer ability, though his arm is now robotic.

In the game, several years have passed and the threat of demonic power is "long since forgotten". The demonic invasion begins with the seeds of a "demon tree" taking root in Red Grave City. He's now heading his own branch of the demon-hunting business Devil May Cry. Things must be settled once and for all. It is being developed by Capcom under the direction of series veteran Hideki Itsuno. The announce trailer showed off some of Dante's new moves, including some that utilize his new metallic appendage.

Devil May Cry 5 is coming in Spring 2019.

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