Sunday, 18 November, 2018

Bethesda E3 2018: Wolfenstein: Youngblood

Wolfenstein Youngblood Announced at Bethesda E3 2018 Showcase Highlights Wolfenstein Youngblood is set in 1980s Paris It features co-op play It's out in Spring 2019
Sherri Watson | 11 June, 2018, 14:05

BJ's lover, Anya Oliwa, is pregnant with twins at the end of Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus, which is set in 1961, making the girls 19 or so. Wolfenstein: Youngblood introduces the next Blazkowicz generation to the fight against the Nazis.

There's more Wolfenstein coming - a two-player co-op experience featuring the Blazkowicz sisters. According to Bethesda, the game is set in 1980, almost two decades after the events of The New Colossus.

The new game takes place in the 1980s in Paris. BJ's gone missing in the city, and it's their job to find him.

"Typhon Hunter" also comes with a solo escape room VR mode called "TranStar VR". As you might guess from the title, we can probably expect a standalone spin-off of similar size to Wolfenstein: The Old Blood. And now we know that their little family will grow up to continue killing Nazis well into the future.