Friday, 22 February, 2019

Relay for Life gears up for June 16 event

Chuck before Relay for Life gears up for June 16 event
Melissa Porter | 10 June, 2018, 15:29

Jane McCarthy, Westchester Region Volunteer Rep for the American Cancer Society and former six-year chair of Relay for Life of Yorktown, has already exceeded her fundraising goal and recently posted some reasons why she is committed to the cause.

Although the exact amount won't be available until after the June 19 wrap-up meeting, Nikki Carey, the community development manager for the local chapter of the American Cancer Society Nikki Carey, said Relay for Life events have raised more than $80,000 over the past year. I wanted to get involved to show survivors and their families that we care.

"It brings tears to your eyes that they would wait for us ... they were glad to see that she made it around one more time", she said.

Sarah believes Relay for Life truly helps those fighting cancer, and that support means the world to her. 7 News is a sponsor of Relay for Life. But an event, like Relay for Life, gives the community a chance to support them in their fight, too.

She'll walk the Survivors' Victory Lap on June 15 following a yearlong drive to be cancer free. "Last year was the fifth year and we have raised over $80,000".

The day will also feature carnival inspired fundraisers run by the 22 relay teams, including a frozen t-shirt race, bra pong, a duck pond game, a pie in the face fundraiser, tire-toss, and a Hershey Kiss-ing booth.

Carey said they want to make the 25th anniversary relay a "huge event".

Relay for Life is an annual event that takes place in cities all across the country, including here in Wausau.

The event is open to everyone as participants on a team, as cancer survivors or as spectators just taking in the evening and socializing. This year's relay theme is "Light the Night", so teams are encouraged to decorate their team sites with creative lighting elements to reflect that illuminating theme.

Relay for Life teams came out strong on Friday night, decorating the turf with illuminated paper bags and torches to remember their loved ones. Some, like Braga had beat breast cancer, for others it had been Lymphoma, the list went on. "It's a time to just take a moment to reflect on how those people have impacted our own lives and how grateful we are for those people each and every day". "I'm very lucky because not a lot of people get to do a job they're passionate about", Carey said.

"You think you know your body and everything about yourself". "It's an honour to be the face of Relay and I'm happy to help others".