Tuesday, 17 July, 2018

NJ trooper pulls over officer who helped with his delivery

Trooper pulls over cop who delivered him 27 years ago. So did he ticket him? New Jersey Trooper Stops Retired Police Officer Who Delivered Him 27 Years Ago
Melinda Barton | 09 June, 2018, 02:56

The two men, astonished that they were reunited by chance 27 years later, took a photo together.

Patterson said he grew up on Poe Place. He also remembered the description of the home where the baby was born, and also that the baby's name was Michael.

That's when the trooper stuck out his hand and said, "My name is Michael Patterson, sir. Thank you for delivering me", according to the New Jersey State Police. After the Pattersons called their doctor, he guided a young Bailly over the phone so he could deliver the baby.

New Jersey State Police posted photos of the families' reunion, saying they felt the story needed to be shared.

The state police told the BBC Mr Bailly was stopped because of his vehicle's tinted windows and was let off with a warning. No word on whether Baily got a ticket or not.

We're not sure what the odds are of this happening-maybe they're close to the odds of a hole-in-one, winning the lottery, or being struck by lightning-but it happened. CNN reported that no citation was given during the June 1 stop.

In conversation, Mr Bailly said he was a retired officer from the Piscataway Police Department, New Jersey State Police said.

Bailly asked Patterson where he used to live and learned that the trooper was born on Poe Place. Now here's where things get interesting...

"He was even able to describe the color, style of house, and the baby's name, Michael", officials wrote.

"It was awesome", 26-year old trooper Michael Patterson said of the couldn't-make-this-up moment at a press conference on Thursday.

Whatever the odds were, it happened.

Trooper Michael Patterson (left) standing with retired police officer Matthew Baily (right) at a reunion following the traffic stop. He had only been on the job four years. The date was October 5, 1991. Patterson's mom had gone into labor when she was out shopping. The labor was so intense that Patterson's father had to carry her into the house.

A doctor talked Officer Bailly through the birth via telephone leading to Michael's birth.