Wednesday, 21 November, 2018

Doug Ford's Progressive Conservatives win majority government in Ontario

Ontario appears poised for significant political change Ontario appears poised for significant political change
Melinda Barton | 09 June, 2018, 07:42

Ford had to dump candidates including Tanya Allen Granic, despite her support in his leadership win, faced continuous criticism over his refusal to put out a fully costed platform and wrapped up the campaign mired in controversy as his brother's widow hit him with a $15 million-plus lawsuit claiming he had mismanaged the family business and estates.

"I think it is too early to say whether we'll see the same kind of antipathy towards the Liberal government in Quebec in October", Chouinard told CBC News. "We'll be putting together a group of all-star cabinet ministers. And that's going to be the toughest thing". It costs more for the province to borrow in the bond market than some provinces, such as Quebec and British Columbia, which are running balanced budgets.

Populist Doug Ford's election victory in Ontario on Thursday will send investors searching for an economic blueprint for the right-leaning Progressive Conservative Party, which ended 15 years of Liberal rule in Canada's most populous province.

Ford's rejection of carbon pricing could also have implications for the federal government as Prime Minister Justin Trudeau attempts to implement a nation-wide floor price on carbon pollution as part of Canada's efforts to address climate change and meet its global commitments under the Paris Agreement.

Even Tanya Granic Allen, who Ford kicked out as a PC candidate this election for anti-LGBT and anti-Muslim comments, appeared to be praising the PC win.

"When you look at Justin Trudeau's policies, which were very coercive to the provinces when it came to carbon pricing, that's dead on arrival now", Clement said. "You've already had resistance from provinces like Saskatchewan".

The Tories have won a majority government.

"(He's) someone who is new to the provincial arena, who isn't totally familiar with the ways of the legislature", she said. "I have been able to work with so many fantastic people".

"People feel gouged when it comes to gas prices". "We have had our different approaches, but we all share in the goal of a better Ontario". But that threshold can be changed by legislators, as has been in the past. "I am passing the torch", she said.

But the dizzying pace of initiatives rolled out by Wynne's government might have also played a role, said de Clercy, citing a hike in the minimum wage and reforms in workplace legislation and education as examples. We won't get there with anger.

Reporter Alastair Sharp interviews federal Conservative MP Tony Clement on June 7, 2018 in Toronto following Premier-elect Doug Ford's victory speech.

As jarring as the Liberals' projected deficits were for investors, the province's auditor general found in a report in April that the deficits had been underestimated by billions of dollars. Froggatt previously served as a chief of staff to Baird while the Harper government was in power.

She said another "top tier" position will be the environment portfolio because of Ford's commitment to scrap Ontario's cap-and-trade regime. "I thank you. And God bless each and every one of you".

"We are each other's main commercial partners", Couillard said.

Her New Democrats saw a surge in the polls halfway through the campaign, triggering a wave of attacks from both the governing Liberals and the opposition Tories.