Monday, 17 December, 2018

Liberal Premier Kathleen Wynne admits she won’t win provincial election

Liberal Premier Kathleen Wynne admits she won’t win provincial election Liberal Premier Kathleen Wynne admits she won’t win provincial election
Melissa Porter | 04 June, 2018, 02:13

We can't let this election run away", Lastman said."Who's better than Doug Ford for Ontario?

In an 11th-hour bid to save her party from decimation, an emotional Kathleen Wynne admitted Saturday that the governing Liberals will lose the Ontario election next week but urged voters to ensure neither of her rivals wins a majority.

The Liberal candidates in three of Windsor-Essex's ridings have reacted to the news that Wynne is not expecting to be premier in the next government.

"It's hard because I know there are Liberals who believe in us", she said. "She will no longer be premier", said Festeryga.

Wynne, who first entered politics as a school trustee in 2000, said at the beginning of the campaign that she believed her party could turn the tide.

"By voting Liberal you can keep the next government - Conservative or NDP - accountable to you", she said, adding that voters are anxious about giving the New Democrats' Andrea Horwath or the Tories' Doug Ford "too much power".

Wynne wouldn't say whether she'd stay on as party leader following the vote.

"It is hard to hear that", said Ottawa-Centre candidate Yasir Naqvi, who heard about the comments on a conference call only a short time before Wynne went public.

The premier - tears streaming down her face and her voice breaking up at times - appealed to voters to set aside their feelings about her and support Liberal candidates so that they can keep the next government in check.

Nor would she comment on the possibility of strategic voting, a perennial issue in elections where voters appear to be clamouring for change.

Since the final leaders' debate last weekend, Wynne has doubled down on attacks against the NDP and accused Horwath of being "beholden" to unions. Paul's, and her own riding of Don Valley West.

Ford didn't offer anything in terms of publicized statements about Wynne's press conference, but Horwath was scathing in her response to the premier, saying she's basically giving up on the fight against "Doug Ford's cuts".

"We will fight for our values, for a practical approach and for a government that will be kept from extremes and forced toward a better balance for the people of this province".

Liberals say that now their focus is on trying to maintain official party status in the legislature, which requires at least eight seats.

In her latest campaign strategy, Wynne has addressed that fact that she is not well liked. "They're hoping they can salvage (the party).it's about saying to people: don't abandon us". "Because, as I've said many times before - it's not about me. We will fix this".

However, Wynne also announced that she would continue to campaign for Liberal candidates across Ontario, and she is encouraging people to vote Liberal in Thursday's election.

"So I think electorally, it's strategic, but as a leader of a party, I actually think it's really selfless". Then as the NDP surged ahead in the polls, the Liberals turned more of their fire power on the New Democrats.

One Liberal ad running on radio and social media says the NDP's refusal to use back-to-work legislation will lead to "strike after never ending strike" leaving the unions with "everything they want, costing all of us more".