Wednesday, 18 July, 2018

Sleeping In On Weekends Might Prevent Early Death

	Study Sleeping in on the weekend can add years to your life	 
      By Ladders News Sleep Study Sleeping in on the weekend can add years to your life By Ladders News
Melissa Porter | 28 May, 2018, 03:36

A large-scale study that included 38 000 people has proven that people who sleep until later on Saturdays and Sundays are not at risk from the same health problems.

However there is a higher mortality risk if a person is consistently getting less than five hours sleep or more than nine hours sleep, compared to people who are consistently sleeping around six to seven hours a night throughout the week.

Inadequate sleep has always been proven as a trigger and cause for mental and physical illnesses and even leading to an early death.

But according to a recent study, published in the Journal of Sleep Research, having a well-deserved lie-in on the weekend could actually have the potential to counterbalance some of the effects of sleep loss during the week.

Researchers surveyed around 44,000 people in Sweden about their sleep habits, and followed up after 13 years to see who was still alive.

"Apparently, sleeping in in on the weekends can be a real help", said Åkerstedt. Researchers say that older people need less sleep and they also sleep more during the week.

People who only get less than five hours of sleep a night throughout the week, but then have a longer snooze on the weekends, had no heightened mortality risk. They did account for other factors influencing sleep, such as alcohol and coffee consumption, smoking habits, shift work and more. The results show that among people sleeping 5 hours a day, there is a 65% higher mortality rate. The take home point is that possibly, long weekend sleep may compensate for short weekday sleep.

Previous studies have found a U?shaped relationship between mortality and (weekday) sleep duration.