Sunday, 23 September, 2018

Latest Ontario Election Polls Show NDP Gaining Ground, Tories Stalling

Doug Ford Brantford Latest Ontario Election Polls Show NDP Gaining Ground, Tories Stalling
Theresa Hayes | 26 May, 2018, 01:31

Ontario Progressive Conservative Leader Doug Ford says his party will release a fully costed campaign platform some time before the June 7 election.

The Liberals added fuel to the fire by playing audio at a news conference Thursday that the party says is a recording of Ford and Surma talking to people at a coffee shop in October 2016.

Standing with several local New Democrat candidates, Horwath said, if elected, her party would "make it easier for people to get the quality care they need close to home".

In power since 2003, Wynne said voter fatigue with her party was expected, but she hopes Ontarians take a hard look at this critical moment in the campaign at what the Liberals are proposing compared to the PCs and NDP.

Ford had, however, invited them to the nomination meeting, according to the affidavit from would-be candidate Pina Martino - an interim chief of staff for former Tory leader Patrick Brown.

In Toronto, Liberal campaign co-chair Deb Matthews said paying for someone else's membership could violate election laws against making secret donations and possibly put someone over the donation cap.

He now says he has never paid for another person's membership, which would be a violation of party rules, but he doesn't deny that his is the voice heard on the audio footage.

Facing a barrage of poor polling numbers for her Ontario Liberals, a subdued Kathleen Wynne said on Friday she would keep doing what she can to push her party's accomplishments in government.

"The whole issue of the concerns around breaches of a process that should be fair and should be open and democratic worries me", Wynne said.

The poll done by this firm shows that the number of voters wanting change in this election has only ever grown more and more (with 83 per wanting change, 62 per cent of those surveyed say they definitely want a change in government).

Two recent polls suggest the New Democrats now have the most support, along with the Progressive Conservatives. He made those comments after a Tory candidate resigned following accusations he was involved in an alleged theft of customer data at a toll highway operator.

Nine out of ten said they will not change their plans to vote PC.